Liverpool ONE


  • Analysis and review of current wayfinding scheme
  • Observational and focus group research
  • Mapping Liverpool ONE and linkages to the city
  • Enhancing awareness of the total offer
  • Encouraging footfall, flow and uptake


Project aspirations were to improve visitor footfall across the entire site. The size and nature of the clustering of stores would mean visitors were not exploring the entire site.


Our solution was to encourage exploration and assimilation of the entire site by dividing Liverpool ONE into districts, each with their own character. The districts were colour coded on the mapping to improve usability and assimilation. Each district was also promoted with hero images and popular tenant offerings.

FRA conducted an experiential audit supported by a questionnaire; following visitors from a varied demographic to ascertain issues affecting ways in which visitors experience Liverpool One. This included perspectives from a mother with children, a group of mid twenties girls, male students and an older John Lewis shopper exploring Liverpool over two days.


We also conducted a workshop with a variety of customer facing staff, including; Customer Services, Cleaners and Information Desk staff. These Ambassadors acted as a conduit to the issues and needs of thousands of visitors.


FRA designed map and discovery panels, re-skinned the existing totems and created large environmental graphics along key linkages, all to help increase exploration of the entire site. The mapping was developed to show Liverpool ONE as a series of connected districts and displayed in the context of the wider city to cross-sell further city attractions and ‘making a day’ in Liverpool. Heads up mapping was implemented alongside other common visitor issues following the in-depth research carried out.


Work was carried out alongside a Liverpool ONE brand refresh, graphics were created in-line with this refresh, whilst remaining optimal for wayfinding and userbility for all. This was all implemented to a short time scale and in time for a Christmas launch.