Graphic Designer

Mid-Weight Environmental Graphic Designer

f.r.a. is a different kind of proposition. We provide niche design services including wayfinding, placemaking and brand design. We’re known for an empathetic and unconventional approach to design that gets under the skin of a project but also for delivering real-world results. Our clients love us because we unlock the full potential of their projects and we’re fun to work with. We’re based in Shropshire and service clients all across the country.

We are growing. We’re looking for the right person to help round out our team’s offer and bring their creative spark to the group. This position is a “cross-over” between the graphic and environmental aspects of our projects.

Here’s a bulleted list because every job description has one:

  • An excellent sense of graphic design with a strong portfolio in typography, illustration and layout.
  • No really, you love type. You have a picture of Miedinger by your bed and you won’t shop at places with poorly kerned signs.
  • An understanding of physical environments, architecture and interior design. You don’t have to be an architect but you know how to read a plan and get working at scales bigger than paper/screens.
  • Can think conceptually about design. You can research and want to find out more about places.
  • You understand Brand but can bend the rules enough to apply it in new ways.
  • You are curious.
  • 4-8 years experience. No more no less.

As a mid-weight position you’d be working with the Design Director and the wider team to deliver projects. This includes early research and conceptual design and follows all the way through delivery. You’ll see your projects in the real world. You will already have a keen sense of graphic design, we will help train you on product design and the specifics of wayfinding and environments. You should already have a strong understanding of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Skills in SketchUp, CAD, other 3D applications, web or motion graphics are a bonus. You will be client facing but with the support of the team.

We’d welcome you to join us in our studio in Shrewsbury. It’s lovely here with fresh air, room to grow and a place where graphic designers can actually afford to buy houses. You will need to be an excellent communicator and able to take direction and manage a project both face-to-face and through agile channels.

Salary depending on experience. We have a flexible studio culture with a focus on enjoying our lives as well as what we do, mental well-being of our team is very important to us. We share in the company’s success through bonuses. There is plenty of room for growth, it’s yours for the making.

Applications by email with CV and link to portfolio to:


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