Amenity Block, Deansgate

Client:  Renaker
Location:  Manchester, UK
Design Team: Identity London, Jolie Studio.
Photography: Paul Karalius
Size:  22,000 sq ft
Status: Completed

The Amenity Block at Deansgate Square sits in the centre of the development’s four iconic towers.  “The Club” consists of state of the art facilities for Deansgate residents including gym, fitness studios, spa, 20-metre swimming pool and sports hall, as well as a tea room and private dining room with landscaped roof gardens.

As Renaker’s wayfinding partner on Deansgate, we continued our relationship working closely with the client design team, taking a holistic approach on the feature signage and finer details.  We developed the scheme, working on concept, strategy, design development and managing the implementation of the manufacture and installation.

We continued with materials used on South and North tower such brass adding a sense of quality and luxury.  The halo illumination creates a sense of sophistication and calm.

By managing the sign fabricator, we carried out extensive sample reviews and acquired prototypes to ensure the design intent was met.  Part of our final delivery stage involved snagging visits and reporting before the project was approved and signed off for the client.










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