Box Makers Yard

Client:  Legal & General
Location:  Bristol, UK
Design Team: Identity London, Lister + Lister, Art Acumen
Size:  367 units
Status: Completed


A vibrant residential scheme designed specifically for rent in the Temple Quarter area of Bristol. We developed a holistic wayfinding scheme with brand expression at the core.




The wayfinding incorporates the brand’s strong local character inspired by the site’s history of cabinet making and rich tones of the harbourside. The scheme incorporates a mix of textures, illumination and high finishes using layers of sustainable timber and brass to reflect this, while the pictograms follow the brand’s sense of community and place highlighting the benefits of the scheme.








Additionally we designed a placemaking project which brought a poem, co-created with the local community, to life across the site. The piece centres around a sense of playfulness and discovery with elements appearing and disappearing based on time of day, weather and season.
The project was fully coordinated and project managed in-house and delivered across multiple stages.




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