Client:  Cortland
Location:  Watford, UK
Size:  374 units
Status: In Progress

Cortland presented our team with the challenge of designing wayfinding for their first new-built BTR scheme in the UK. This ambitious site sees 374 homes across 5 blocks delivered in across multiple stages. With a mix of high-rise, mid-rise and townhouse typologies, we designed a versatile wayfinding solution that could adapt to a variety of situations.



Drawing inspiration from the famous wood carvings at nearby Cassiobury House, our team designed a modern and rich wayfinding system with robust materials and playful use of depth.

The principal material in the system was Richlite Stratum which combines recycled compressed paper on the surface of FCS birch plywood. The signage uses a variety of techniques to carve into the layers of the material to create graphics and text with great precision and quality control.


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