Coventry University

Richard Crossman Building

Client: Coventry University
Location: Coventry, UK
Collaborators: Broadway Malyan
Size: 100,000 sq ft
Status: Completed

Working with Coventry University and Broadway Malyan, we developed a bespoke scheme tailored to the needs of the faculty that respects and enhances the architectural design, helping transform the outmoded building. We built a new visual language, creating dynamic work, study and social spaces in keeping with flexible teaching facilities. The visual identity helps to market the faculty to students and business alike.

The strategy navigates via a simple room numbering system, recognising that functions can change within spaces whilst reducing the need for replacements, saving cost and management time. A simple, elegant sign system nods to the architectural details. Manifestation was designed using transparent coloured vinyl and created a strong sense of welcome.

We worked with the team to source engaging, vocational and inspiring images, for use as supersized environmental wall graphics. Text was overlaid to reflect the faculty’s values, creating strong visual counterpoints to enhance the interior design.


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