Liverpool ONE

Client: Grosvenor Estate
Location:  Liverpool, UK
Design Team:  Liverpool ONE Marketing Team
Status:  Completed


Like many vast city shopping districts, Liverpool ONE had excellent footfall and good trading but there was room for improvement. Visitors were missing out on understanding the full offer and didn’t always reach all areas.

We audited the site; not only analysis of pedestrian circulation, but also deep research into visitors’ experience. This included diverse groups such as: mothers with children, groups of Millennials and John Lewis shoppers. Focus groups with Liverpool ONE’s ‘ambassadors’ give access to daily face-to-face interactions with customers.

This understanding led to a wayfinding strategy that helps visitors form a complete picture of ‘what’s on offer’, guiding them to explore the whole site. Cartographic solutions accentuate different character areas. This was paired with ‘discovery panels’ that clearly depicted the highlights of each area. The result was a greater understanding of the whole site that encouraged wider exploration.


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